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The 'Oh-riginale'.A Brief History of You Love Thatsh...

You Love Thatsh began in November 2008, as an idea I had initially to (very optimistically) write every day about things that mattered to me, travelling, jobs, recession and anything else I could think of.


Writing every day absolutely never happened. No way.


But, the site has been with me ever since for writing about travels as I’ve gone from Ireland, around the world, through college, to Malaysia to live for some time, to Germany, to where I am now, which is back in Ireland.


More than anything, whether people read it or not, it’s become almost my diary for remembering exactly what I’ve done in the past and remembering some pretty funny times. Sometimes it's served literally as my version of a ‘Paper of Record'. And if nothing else, it's given plenty of people pause for thought while they consider what exactly the name means, if anything. You'll just have to keep guessing.


It's hard to know what the future holds for the blog – or me, personally – but one thing's for sure, she'll be sticking around for a while longer, no doubt.


Like I said before, You Love Thatsh, may she always sail…