Image Policy

Red sky at night...Hi there, this is the image policy, please read it before snatching one of the pictures for use elsewhere!

One of the staples of making this site interesting over the years, especially when it comes to writing about travels, in-depth reviews or issues of airline pricing that could bore the socks off most nearly everyone with text alone, has been to use only pictures I've taken myself.


That means no pictures that came from someone else's blog, or some companies' press pictures that were carefully shot during a day-long photo session, or from anywhere else. When I need a picture for something, I'll go get it myself. The only ever exception to this has been in cases where I didn't write a post – in sponsored posts, for example, identifiable by being in the ‘sponsored' category.


It goes without saying that a lot of my pictures have been robbed upfront, with some sites even taking credit for the photos themselves. As a result, I've amended this policy in July, 2014 and going forward, there is no exception on using images from this site. I have begun to pursue all incidents of image theft and will be continuing to do so – in cases where an image is taken and used on a profitable/commercial website, I will only be offering a fixed payment option. For individuals/bloggers, I will be asking (as I have been all along) simply for credit AND a link back to this site.


If you want to use an image from this site – please, don't just take it, contact me first and I may be able (in the case of individuals/bloggers) to let you use the image free.


I'm sorry to those who have either asked or taken the images and credited me in the past, but organisations and bodies you wouldn't believe (a country's national tourism agency, in one case) have been taking and using images without any credit or permission, and considering the hard work I put in to the site, I cannot accept that any longer.