About Andy

Andy - Window Seat PreferredWho is The Face of Window Seat Preferred?

I'm Andy Mcfarlane, former student – when this blog was originally started, as very much a blog and nothing more – at the Dublin Institute of Technology, renowned cheapskate throughout the years, constant world traveller with a severe case of impatience and rush in everything I do (which I can't seem to help, either – ask anyone about my driving/eating/walking speeds, etc.).


After graduating, Ireland (my home), was frankly in a mess. I'll spare you the history lesson, because there are people who are hoping to make a large profit off writing books about Ireland's recent past, but suffice to say the economic boom, the famed Celtic Tiger, was abruptly put out of its misery in my final year of college; and having already travelled extensively throughout college whenever time permitted, I knew it was time to get going and make hay while the sun shone. Actually, it didn't shine, I was still in Ireland – so it was probably raining. Fast-forward a few years on, I've travelled even more than I'd have guessed, count Ireland, Malaysia (repeatedly) and Germany among my living ‘places' and have passed through a countless list of other countries.


I've developed a passion in the meantime for continued travel, getting involved and trying to make a difference with start-ups, social media, analytics, online marketing and digital consultancy, gotten to love (and be reasonably active in seeking out opportunities in) the idea of crowd-lending and am active in more things than I can ever remember to list at any dinner party – or indeed, this page. I've also tried my hand at writing, with a collection of my short travel stories available out on Amazon.com for both Kindle and Book last year, started a business to handle my…business (what else?!) back in Ireland, and am constantly on the look out for any other opportunities I can grab with both hands.


That said, if you're looking for the typical start-up mentor or self-proclaimed entrepreneur, then I am definitely not the right person. I am always on the lookout for opportunities and willing to talk with anyone, but I wasn't (nor did I aspire to be) an ‘entrepreneur' at 15, nor do I give (at least I can acknowledge it) very motivational or inspiring talks. I also don't regularly sit up until 4 in the morning coding the next big thing. Ever, actually. Honesty though, yes plenty.


At this point, it's pretty much a complete guess what way things go from here – since I started this blog, the few things that have stayed the same is my love of travel, experiencing different things at least once (definitely only once if the experience is awful!) and always keeping an eye out for the next…thing. Thanks for joining me for the adventure!


Why not connect with me and chat more? Also, the key to starting our friendship (joke, but please consider it) – make a donation to any of my favourite charities, the Sea Turtle Conservancy or SCAA in Shanghai, for whom I design the annual calendar also.