Work Policy

Unfortunately, with the times we live in, things so often get under-represented, mis-represented or not represented at all.


While I work hard on this website, and do my best to keep it interesting, there are a few points to note;

1. All views, opinions, expressions and work on this site is my own. It does not, at any time, represent the opinion, thoughts or intentions of any person or company I may also be working for (either publicly or privately). I hate seeing this on people's Twitter feeds as I so often do, but I also need to be in the right on this topic.

2. While this site is effectively my movable diary, from time to time I will accept sponsored articles or accept gifts in any form in exchange for my commentary, views or opinion on something. While I will always write honestly and frankly, and notify posts that are subject to this, it is a possibility and readers should be aware of that. That said, I'm not a sell-out like other sites I've seen in the past, and I'd rather continue to pay for the site out of my own pocket than it look spammy and full of rubbish!


Thank you!